“We need to get our will made out” Marcia would say to me. I always answered ok with some weak promise of tomorrow until one day she became very adamant about the whole thing and brow beat me into setting up an appointment with a lawyer her sister recommended.
A few weeks later we had completed the process and she was happy, and I discovered it didn’t make any difference in the way I felt. Oh sure, I suppose I did feel some comfort in knowing that my few possessions would remain in the hands of my children rather than the state. But the fear I harbored for years about making out a will, passed.
I had always kind of felt that making a last will and testament was like the end of the story. There was nothing left after that. It’s as if you finally admit your life is finite and that at some point you won’t be able to divvy up the stuff your way. So now it’s done. I’m wondering though, how will I know if it made any difference?


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