The sky has turned a dense gray color. Long flashes of lighting can be seen diving behind the trees on a nearby ridge. No rain drops spotted yet, wait a minute, there it is. Moving across the field like a curtain being drawn. Finally after a couple of really hot dry weeks it’s raining. The crew cutting the hay in the field just barely finished before the wetness fell on them. They’re scurrying about picking up their equipment and hurrying back to the truck and tractors. The tractors have nice enclosed cabs that I suspect are air-conditioned. The wind blows the rain against the building for a few seconds, what a wonderful sound. A quick storm just passed. Everything outside my window looks like it got pretty wet though. I can’t wait to get outside and feel the coolness of the lingering air and smell the rain soaking into the ground. Hope I remembered to roll up my car window. Oh well, it’ll dry.


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