Earlier today I was sitting in my car looking across a field where some horses were grazing. One of the horses appeared to be limping and as I continued to watch it was obvious this animal had suffered some type of injury. His left hind leg barely touched the ground as he stood pulling grass with his teeth. When he took a step it was with pain, as he would quickly shift his weight back to the right side.
The other four horses stood around a tree in a semi-circle for near thirty minutes. It wasn’t clear to me from the distance between us why they stood in this place for so long.
In another field nearby a donkey came sauntering up the hill walking near the fence line, and looking across the road to the field with the horses. The donkey stopped and stared at the other animals across the way. He looked lonely. He began pacing back and forth along the fence line closest to the field of horses, looking across the field all the time. Occasionally he would stop and stare, never making a sound before returning to his march, back and forth, hoping to get noticed.


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